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ADHD/ADD Assessment and Testing

There are a lot of struggles that come with living with ADHD/ADD, whether you’ve been diagnosed recently or have had it for a long time.

Treasure Behavioral Health believes in the necessity of an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care in the process of managing ADHD/ADD well.


Our Services at a Glance

If you find yourself needing guidance or have questions about the individual care we provide, please get in touch. Your voice and story matter to us.

  1. We start with an initial appointment to talk about your concerns and symptoms and gather information.
  2. We will discuss your medical, academic, and personal history in a private setting to understand the full spectrum of your experiences.
  3. We examine different aspects of ADHD/ADD, which cover cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dimensions.
  4. Initial questionnaires and assessments will pinpoint specific areas of concern and issues with attention or hyperactivity that might be affecting you.
  5. Detailed diagnostic testing, which takes place in additional sessions, is necessary for confirming a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD.
  6. Through clinical interviews, questionnaires, and direct behavioral observation, our assessment measures the presence and severity of ADHD/ADD symptoms as well as coexisting conditions.
  7. Based on the signs and symptoms of ADHD/ADD in each patient, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is used to make a diagnosis.
  8. If a diagnosis is made, we work with you to design a treatment plan that’s right for you.

A treatment plan can include therapy. Our therapy sessions are about using real-deal, proven strategies to resolve your symptoms and help you feel more comfortable in everyday life. Our method focuses on uplifting energy, allowing you initiate small, meaningful changes in behavior to make a difference in how you feel emotionally and socially.

We carefully consider the most appropriate options for those in need of medication.

We monitor your treatment and adjust it to work effectively without side effects. Medication is a part of your comprehensive plan, ensuring we’re taking care of you as a whole.

Depending on one’s condition, we can also provide a combination of therapy and medication management.

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