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Treasure Behavioral Health Services


Providing Personalized Care

We provide a range of treatments that focus on your whole health. Our care plans are always customized for each individual patient.

Our Treatments Include


Individual Therapy

In combination with medication, therapy is an essential part of healing, self-discovery and personal development. Whether it's dealing with everyday issues or addressing the roots of deeper concerns, we provide effective therapy solutions. We use client-centered therapy practices to let you drive change in your life, by connecting your actions with your personal values and desired goals. Our methods are intended to complement your personal healing process. Build a one-on-one connection with a therapist who encourages you to face each day as it comes.

Medication Management

Finding internal balance and clarity often starts with proper medication management. We believe in the responsible and informed use of medication as a possible means to stability and better mental health. Paired with our ongoing assessment and consideration of your feedback, managing medication is fully customized for you. We’re here to make sure the treatment evolves with you.

Motivational Interviewing

Sometimes a meaningful conversation can be the nudge we need to start changing for the better. That's the purpose of our motivational interviewing at Treasure Behavioral Health. Think of it as a heartfelt, one-on-one talk that shares your story—the ups, downs, dreams, and everything in between. This client-centered counseling includes a collaborative discussion. The conversation intends to build your own motivation and willpower to change. We help you in doing so by engaging with you, listening to your story, and helping you find your personal goals that inspire positive behavioral change within yourself. It is a caring, respectful and non-judgmental process based on your strengths and resources. It's essential to support you on your way to wellness.

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