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Depression Treatment

Are you feeling weighed down by the overwhelming presence of depression? Are regular activities growing increasingly difficult to manage? At Treasure Behavioral Health, we understand how isolating depression can be.

What Depression Can Look Like

A person with depression feels sadness, hopelessness, and loss of enjoyment in once-enjoyed activities.

People might experience sadness at times, but depression is much more intense and persistent. It severely affects a person's ability to function daily.

Some symptoms of depression include:

A depression cloud can make you feel down, low, or empty most of the day and nearly every day.

There’s a loss of interest or pleasure in the activities you used to enjoy.

Concentration or decision-making difficulties.

Sleeping too much or having difficulty sleeping.

Changes in weight or appetite.

Tiredness or lacking energy.

Lack of self-worth or guilt.

Thoughts of death or suicide.

If you or someone you deeply care about is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek professional assistance.

How We Can Help


Individual Therapy

Our confidential therapy sessions let you share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences under the guidance of a kind therapist. You can learn how to cope, shift destructive thinking patterns into healthy ones, and find the strength to overcome depression.

Medication Management

Depending on your condition, we might prescribe medication to ease depressive symptoms. We closely observe your progress, adjust your medication accordingly, and provide ongoing support to ensure your treatment works for you.

Lifestyle and Wellness Education

You'll learn valuable skills and knowledge to improve your life. Our wellness education focuses on mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and healthy habits that support mental health.

The Benefits of Treating Depression

Treating depression can be a life-changing experience for you.

Getting professional treatment at Treasure Behavioral Health can help you:


Get back into the flow of things and do what you love again.


Get better at building relationships with others.


Feel more productive and motivated in your everyday life and work.


Build self-confidence and self-belief, and learn healthier coping mechanisms.


Relieve physical symptoms like headaches and muscle pain.


Reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide.


Improve overall mental health and wellness.

Get Help Today

If you’re tired of fighting depression, please reach out for help. You don't have to go through it alone. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.