Can You Be Hospitalized for Severe Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental health condition affecting 40 million people worldwide each year.
Sometimes, their symptoms can suddenly worsen. Anxiety can become scary when it is out of control. The question that arises at this time is, can you be hospitalized for severe anxiety?
For some, the thought of hospitalization comforts them. But others may dread losing control. Understanding the different treatment options available can help you make informed decisions.
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Below, we further discuss this essential matter, can you go to the hospital for anxiety? Please continue reading.

Understanding Severe Anxiety

Severe anxiety can show up in different forms. Severe stress can make your heart race, sweat, shake, struggle to breathe, and feel dizzy.
On a mental level, it can bring about sensations of fear, worry, or a looming sense of danger. Severe anxiety can also lead to panic attacks.
These intense bursts of fear peak within a few minutes and come with many of these physical symptoms.
Factors contributing to severe anxiety are diverse:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Brain chemistry
  • Personality traits
  • Life experiences such as trauma or prolonged stress

Understanding what triggers severe anxiety is crucial for finding effective ways to treat and manage it.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are various anxiety disorders, and whether someone needs to go to a hospital or emergency room can depend on the specific disorder they have. These anxiety disorders include:

Each type of anxiety disorder can have symptoms ranging from mild to severe. When someone experiences severe symptoms, medical care may be beneficial.

Can You Be Hospitalized for Severe Anxiety?

Yes, you can be hospitalized for anxiety attack and other mental health disorders. However, there are various levels of care, and hospitalization is not always the first step for treating anxiety.
Inpatient hospitalization is typically for severe anxiety cases or when a person’s safety is at risk.
It is also used in emergencies when symptoms are unmanageable and other treatments are not working.
The purpose of hospitalization for anxiety is short-term stabilization. It allows the patient to get the necessary care and go home as soon as possible.
But remember, it is not forever, it is temporary. Its main goal is to help patients improve their anxiety before returning home.

Anxiety and Hospitalization

How do Hospitals Manage Anxiety Disorders?

Hospitals tackle anxiety issues using medicine, therapy, and extra help. Sometimes, patients may go to a psychiatric unit for focused treatment.
These units are hospital zones for mental health problems. They provide a secure and orderly place where patients can get comprehensive care.
This care includes therapy, medicine, and aid from mental health experts.

When to Go to the Hospital for Anxiety?

After talking about severe anxiety, let us focus on when to go to the hospital for anxiety.
Usually, anxiety symptoms do not last very long. For example, anxiety attacks often end within 20 minutes.
So, by the time you get to the hospital for anxiety attack, you may feel better already.

  • If anxiety is triggered by specific situations, leaving helps. Again, you may be okay by the time you get to the hospital.
  • Here are times when going to the hospital might be a good idea:
  • If your symptoms last much longer than usual.
  • If you are thinking about hurting yourself or ending your life.
  • If you feel like you need to use alcohol or drugs to cope.
  • If your anxiety is so bad that you can’t function at all.

Remember, while going to the hospital is not always needed, getting professional help for anxiety is important. Other treatments might be more helpful and effective for managing stress.

Can You Go to the ER for Anxiety?

Yes, you can go to the ER for anxiety, but be prepared to wait because hospitals cannot guarantee any waiting time. Usually, people start feeling better before seeing a doctor.
If you have chest pains, it is important to underscore that going to emergency room for anxiety can provide considerable relief and support. When you go to the emergency room for anxiety, they will help you with the scary symptoms.
They will check your blood pressure and how you feel, and the doctor may give you advice or medicine to calm you down.
With help from the doctors and staff, going to the emergency room for anxiety can make you feel much better.


Can you be hospitalized for severe anxiety? Severe anxiety can be tough, but going to the hospital is one way to get help.
Sometimes, when things are hard or unsafe, hospitalization is needed. It gives quick help to stabilize people before they leave.
It is vital to remember that hospital visits are brief and aim to assist people in handling their stress more effectively.
If you or someone you care about is struggling with anxiety, we are here to help at Treasure Behavioral Health. We offer personalized treatments to improve your well-being.


Should I go to the ER for anxiety?

Yes, you should go to the ER for anxiety if your symptoms are severe and you feel unsafe or unable to manage it.

Can the ER prescribe anxiety medication?

Yes, doctors, including those in the ER, can prescribe anxiety medications, depending on the severity of their condition.

 Will my insurance cover the cost of being hospitalized for anxiety?

It depends on your insurance, so it is best to ask them about coverage for mental health services.

 How long will I stay in the hospital for anxiety attack?

It varies, but usually, it is just for a few days to help you feel better.

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